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WeylChem Group - We Live Know-How

The WeylChem group of companies is an international fine chemicals group, part of International Chemical Investors Group, ICIG. The WeylChem group is a specialised service provider to the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and specialty chemicals industries, offering custom-, toll-manufacturing and processing services as well as advanced intermediates, reagents and performance products.


With a total headcount of more than 800 employees, and five manufacturing sites located in France, Germany, Italy and USA, WeylChem is well positioned to offer its services and to deliver its products in close proximity to its customers.


The WeylChem group provides a wide spectrum of specialised technologies on an exclusive basis for the chemical industry. Core competencies have been developed in halogen chemistry. Chlorination is offered at multiple sites. WeylChem Miteni is a recognised leader in fluorination and WeylChem Frankfurt employs a proprietary HalEx technology to manufacture Fluoroaromatic derivatives.

WeylChem PPC in Thann is a leading company in Bromine chemistry. Additional key technologies include Grignard chemistry, oxidation, phosgenation, Sandmeyer reaction, as well as other coupling reactions. A number of support reactions have been added to our technical portfolio, e.g.: amination, Diels-Alder and Michael addition, esterification, Friedel-Crafts acylation, nitration and sulfonation. Most importantly, these technologies are available at any scale, from lab samples to kg quantities up to full industrial scale.


Our technologies can be intelligently combined to open up unique opportunities and to respond to complex problems or specific needs of our customers. We call this approach the n+x advantageTM and it gives us the possibility to match the most efficient technology with the most economically advantageous solution, to the benefit of our customers. The n+x advantageTM plays a major role in our custom- and toll-manufacturing activities where multi step synthetic processes require a well-crafted assembly of equipment and technologies.


With a total reactor volume of 5000 m3, a reactor size varying from 6 to 60 m3 and a broad range of construction materials and coatings, our plants offer the flexibility and the capacity to accommodate productions on many different tonnages and to accomplish the manufacture of products requiring careful handling and control. Scale-up is conducted in our pilot plants. Four pilot units are available at our sites, again offering flexibility and capacity (reactor size from 500 to 2000 liters; Glass-lined, Stainless-steel, Halar, PTFE coatings). R&D labs are present at all locations.


Beside the customer-driven innovative projects, the WeylChem group sells a comprehensive range of advanced intermediates based on its core technologies.


WeylChem International GmbH
Stroofstrasse 27
65933 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. +49 69 3800 2443
Email: services@weylchem.com

WeylChem US Inc.
2114 Larry Jeffers Road
SC 29045
+1 803 438 3471
Email: services@weylchem.com

URL: www.weylchem.com