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Chemonaut - The World of Chemistry at Your Fingertips

Chemonaut provides online compound sourcing and procurement services to life science companies.

The Chemonaut database is a comprehensive source of commercially available compounds for the most demanding researchers. The online application offers advanced functionalities to construct a compound library tailored to your needs.


Online sourcing of research compounds

Chemonaut offers access not only to catalogue screening compounds and building blocks, but also to a range of high-quality special libraries from reputable and innovative compound vendors worldwide.

  • 60 innovative vendors united in one portal
  • One-stop-shop for all your research compounds
  • In-stock chemistry only
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • More than 10 million compounds available


Database subscription service

Besides the online search application of Chemonaut, the Chemonaut database is also available by means of a subscription. For this option, you will receive monthly updates of the database, so you can use it with your own compound selection tools in-house.

The Chemonaut database consists of structures that are offered by compound vendors from around the globe. By having vendors only place physically in stock compounds into the Chemonaut database, Chemonaut can ensure high availability and delivery rates.


Compound procurement

Chemonaut provides procurement services, and 'single-point of purchase' services for compounds sourced from all the vendors included in the Chemonaut database. Compounds may be ordered as solid and neat samples in vials, or plated as stock solutions in 96-well format.

  • Complete outsourcing of compound procurement
  • One contact, one shipment and one invoice
  • Reformatting of compounds (optional)


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