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Sanofi CEPiA - Suppliers of APIs, Custom Synthesis and Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

CEPiA (Commercial & External Partnership, Industrial Affairs) is an organization fully dedicated to third-party activities within the industrial affairs of Sanofi.

CEPiA offer a flexible or a fully integrated service, according to the project's needs. This offer can combine:

CEPiA will continually provide technical support, quality & regulatory support and strong customer service throughout the entire process.

API manufacture and supply

CEPiA Sales is a Sanofi activity dedicated to the manufacture and supply of a broad range of APIs available on a catalogue basis.

By employing its exhaustive industrial capabilities, facilities and expertise expected of large pharma, CEPiA provides its clients with 'fast to market' solutions.

CEPiA offers high quality pharmaceutical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's):

  • Traditional chemistry to biotechnology
  • Small scale to large scale production
  • Various grades of APIs (sieving, milling, micronization...)
  • Knowledge & expertise sharing from Sanofi network
  • Sustainable Development and Ethical Chart
  • Regulatory & Quality standards
  • Regulatory & Quality support with dedicated team

API contract manufacturing and custom synthesis

CEPiA offer API contract manufacturing and custom synthesis competences from small molecules to biologics, from lab scale to commercial quantities. Additionally, we offer extensive drug product facilities.

To handle complex industrial projects, CEPiA relies on the wide Sanofi Industrial network. Roughly 16 chemical and biotech sites located in six countries (mainly in Europe) manufacture intermediates and APIs for third-party projects.

Around 38 pharmaceutical sites located in 25 countries worldwide offer their production capacities for the third-party market.

In total, more than 50 Sanofi sites support CEPiA activity.

CEPiA offer customers Sanofi's experience and expertise from Process Development to industrial scale production.
They offer custom synthesis & API Contract Manufacturing under cGMP conditions.

  • Toll manufacturing more often than not concerns molecules awaiting registration or those already marketed.
  • Exclusive synthesis often concerns compounds that are still in the clinical development stage.

Experienced in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

CEPiA offer you know-how and expertise in:

  • Specific processes
  • Specific galenic forms
  • Specific API's handling
  • Regulatory standards requirements

Customers and Partners benefit from CEPiA's experience, from Toll manufacturing to a full range of Services including API, at the quality standards of Sanofi.

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