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Mercachem provides a wide range of chemical services to the life sciences industry. We specialise in exclusive synthetic and process chemistry services to support research and development programs of companies across the globe.

Organic reactions ranging from milligram to1 kilogram

We have the equipment and knowledge necessary to carry out organic reactions ranging from milligram to 1 kilogram scale. Moreover, we offer parallel synthesis of focused libraries. Mercachem's process research services focus on the development of efficient production processes for selected candidates.


Mercachem is an independent, privately held, contract research company located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Founded in 1997, Mercachem employs nearly 110 people, almost 50% of whom hold post-graduate degrees in Chemistry. Mercachem delivers fully integrated exclusive (medical) organic, synthetic and process chemistry services to support research and development programs to companies across the globe.

Our primary market is the Life Sciences industry in Western Europe and the U.S. Mercachem is a dynamic organization with high standards of quality and efficiency, creative people, outstanding communication and modern facilities and equipment.

Vision and ambition

The Life Sciences industry is under ever-increasing pressure to introduce new and more effective products to market. In the last decade, readily-accessible libraries, which can be screened rapidly for activity in various therapeutic areas, have become available from diverse sources.


There is a wide gap, however, between the initial lead identification and candidate development, which results in a need for synthetic chemical capabilities. Mercachem has taken a leading role in closing that gap.

State-of-the-art custom synthesis and research services

Outsourcing of synthesis projects to support this process has matured and has become an integral component of the R&D strategy in the Life Sciences industry.

Mercachem offers state-of-the-art custom synthesis and research services to accelerate the R&D process efficiently and cost-effectively



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