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Life Chemicals - Specialists in Development, Production and Sales of Novel Screen Compounds

Life Chemicals Inc, established in 2004, specialises in development, production and sales of novel screening compounds for HTS, targeted screening libraries and core building blocks for drug discovery projects.

Relying on powerful material and technical basis, long term experience and excellent knowledge of modern medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry Life Chemicals offers advanced custom synthesis and computational chemistry services to pharmaceutical, animal health and crop protection industries as well as to research institutions across the globe.

So far we completed over 2000 custom synthesis and hit-to-lead optimisation projects for over 1500 customers in 46 countries of the world. Being a fully integrated company Life Chemicals employs over 100 highly qualified professionals including 23 PhDs in organic, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry.

The high quality standards of our products and services are ensured by the use of high-end equipment and modern facilities specialised for organic synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, quality control and storages. In-house elaborated production processes and advanced logistic system enable the safe and on-time delivery of Life Chemicals compounds.