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Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals – Complex Chemistry, Simply Delivered

The Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals Division operates through a comprehensive network of integrated technical resources and extensive expertise to deliver solutions for all your complex chemistry needs. We draw on the combined knowledge of our scientists, a 200-year heritage and portfolio of unique capabilities to supply sustainable products and deliver a collaborative service tailored to customers in the pharmaceutical, agrochemicals and fine chemical industries.

Johnson MattheyAs well as this, Johnson Matthey considers sustainability a high priority and we have made significant progress in reducing material use and production waste as part of our 2017 Sustainability Programme.

Differentiating Technologies & Facilities

Through a network of state-of-the-art R&D, kilo lab, pilot scale and large-scale manufacturing facilities, our portfolio of differentiating technologies enables us to provide a broad range of specialised services. We work across eleven global sites spanning Europe, North America and Asia to offer our customers a substantial toolkit for complex chemistries including catalyst technologies, solid form research, manufacturing-scale chromatography and drug-conjugates.


We offer a full spectrum of drug development services, from drug discovery through to bulk production, as well as expert analysis and life cycle management studies. We bring you these services through our four core offerings: Custom Pharma Solutions, Controlled Substances, Catalysts and APIs & Life Cycle Management. By collaborating efficiently across these offerings, we can provide our customers with a broad range of specialised services ensuring their goals aren't just met but they are surpassed.

1. Custom Pharma Solutions

Johnson MattheyThrough this offering, Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals provides a full range of bespoke drug development, scale-up and manufacturing services, from pre-clinical and toxicological studies to development and commercial manufacturing. Our expert teams focus on understanding your problem so that we can solve your most challenging chemistries and scale-up problems.

2. Controlled Substances

Our products are extensively used in therapeutic areas including analgesia, CNS disorders and anti-addiction treatments. We have spent over 200 years building our extensive range of opiates and controlled substances and have a deep expertise in handling complex APIs and potent products. This gives us the knowledge to overcome the most challenging chemistries and complex paperwork, ensuring the reliable supply of controlled substance APIs to our customers.

3. Catalysts

Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals catalyst offering includes a range of heterogeneous and homogenous catalysts, chiral catalysts and a range of biocatalysts that can be applied to accelerate reactions and optimise your processes. This helps make your chemistry more efficient, selective and sustainable as well as reducing cost, process steps and waste.

4. APIs & Life Cycle Management

We provide an extensive range of APIs and we possess the expertise to develop many more. We are particularly knowledgeable in platinum-based actives and prostaglandins as well as products covering a wide range of therapeutic classes such as anti-cancer, anti-rJohnson Mattheyheumatic, addiction, psychiatric disorders and ophthalmic indications, however we are continually seeking to expand and increase our API portfolio through collaborative working.

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