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Cytec Industries - Premier Supplier of Sulfosuccinate and Specialty Surfactant Technology

We are a premier supplier of specialty surfactants used in pharmaceuticals, and many industrial markets such as adhesives and paints. Our extensive product portfolio offers practical, yet innovative solutions for specific formulation and development challenges. From their unique understanding of the needs and technical challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, our experienced team of scientists ensures every engagement enables us to offer our customers insights on how to use our specialty additives to achieve optimum end products.


With our over 50-year heritage in sulfosuccinate surfactant technology, Cytec is a global leader in specialty surfactant research, product development and applications to ensure they provide the highest quality and consistency available in the market today.

  • We are the world's leading supplier of Docusate sodium (DSS), a versatile and highly effective and efficient pharmaceutical grade surfactant.
  • Cytec's Docusate sodium pharmaceutical grade surfactants are manufactured under current Goods Manufactured Products (cGMP) and US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) conditions,
  • Meets United States and European pharmacopeias.
  • Cytec manufactures docusate sodium at our FDA approved cGMP facility in Willow Island, West Virginia.
  • We are the holder of USA Drug Master File (DMF), No. 3235
  • We have submitted an application for a certificate of suitability (CEP) to the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM).


We are positioned to quickly adapt to our evolving environment, industry requirements and the dynamics of a global economy. Our mission is to develop and deliver a continuous stream of new technology to help overcome the most challenging problems. Our competency in delivering new technology to meet the biggest challenges in our target markets is the common thread and is at the core of what we do. We deliver product on time, on specification, and with all the business processes that go along with creating a great customer experience.

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