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Chemoswed: Commercial Scale Manufacture of Benserazide Hydrochloride in Main Plant

Published 21 November 2016 | By Magle Chemoswed

Chemoswed announces that commercial scale manufacture of benserazide hydrochloride has now been established in the main plant.

The necessary regulatory filings, EDMF and CEP, have been made with the relevant authorities. This latest addition to Chemoswed's commercial line of products is applied in a fixed dose combination with L-dopa, serving to minimise systemic side effects in Parkinson's disease patients.

Said Carl Andersson, marketing manager at Chemoswed:

Benserazide represents a great business opportunity for us on a pretty poorly supported generics market. While benserazide hydrochloride is rather demanding from a process point of view, our development over the last few years has established a product of superior quality which we are keen to offer to European customers at competitive prices.