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Magle Chemoswed - Suppliers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Magle Chemoswed is the reliable Swedish custom synthesis specialist, supplying active ingredients since 1944. With a background in Pharmacia, Chemoswed is since 1996 an independent entity within the DuPont group, offering cost-effective, turn-key solutions to API needs worldwide.We have established unparalleled experience and technology, enabling efficient development and production of quality active pharmaceutical ingredients in quantities from 100 grams to 50 tons.

Process development, scale-up and manufacturing

Our dedicated personnel are experts in process development, scale-up, analytical chemistry, regulatory and technical challenges. We operate in meticulously maintained facilities, comprising a kilolab, and pilot and commercial production plants, with more than 30 m3 reactor capacity.

Highly potent active ingredients (HPAPI)

One of our key specialities is the handling of highly potent compounds in fully-contained manufacturing suites. At Magle Chemoswed, we place special emphasis on customer communication and project documentation.


We strive to provide maximal transparency and foster an informal project management culture, encouraging multi-level interactions. Succinct reporting by way of weekly summaries are complemented by lucid reports and frequent teleconferences.

GMP compliant API suppliers

Cost-effective operations and services are ensured through an in-depth knowledge of most aspects of drug development and regulatory concerns, as well as an extensive professional network providing relevant, associated services. We maintain an excellent authority (FDA, EMEA) inspection track record, and up-to-date cGMP compliance.


Magle Chemoswed
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