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APL - Contract Manufacturing

APL is one of the leading contract manufacturers (CDMOs) in Scandinavia. With our 450 employees and four production plants, we have resources for developing, analyzing and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. APL contributes to medical products that improve and save lives. APL facilities are fully cGMP compliant and are regularly inspected by EMA, FDA and customers corporate QA.

Preclinical development to commercial manufacturing

APL provide experience, expertise and services in product development of pharmaceutical drugs, supporting clients throughout the development process - from preclinical development to commercial manufacturing. Clients include companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology branches of life science and range from international market leaders to medium and small start-up companies. APL's broad experience and flexible resources can be tailored to suit every stage of the development process, as well as every size company.

Contract services

APL's contract services range from formulation and analytical method development, development and manufacturing of clinical trials materials to commercial manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. APL manufactures pharmaceuticals in solid dosage form, as well as semi-solids and sterile pharmaceuticals such as injection solutions. APL also manufactures pre-filled syringes, vials, ampoules, portable cassettes and tailor-made packaging to facilitate home-based care. APL's services and product package comprises all phases from pre-clinical testing to manufacturing of registered products.

Life science products with quality

APL strives to increase the quality of the client's product lines at lower costs, thereby increasing the client's competitive edge. High quality life science products have a great impact on the lives of a vast number of people, making patient safety one of APL's most important cornerstones, alongside being a reliable, safe and cost sensitive partner for its clients.


Michael Brobjer, Marketing Director Head of Business development
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